Step into the enchanting world of Enchanted Batik, where our passion resonates in sourcing batik fabrics from diverse regions, each weaving its own heritage and cultural traditions.

We take pride in showcasing the beauty of these batiks by transforming them into modern wear. From elegantly crafted cheongsams to bags and accessories, embark on a journey through the beauty and versatility of batik, as every piece reflects the seamless blend of timeless tradition and contemporary style.

  • Ready Made

    Experience the beauty of batik in our modern wear collection, seamlessly blending tradition with contemporary style
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  • Tailor Made [Full]

    Bespoke clothing experience tailored to your exact measurements and design preferences, ensuring a perfect fit and unmatched exclusivity
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  • Made-To-Order [currently only available for Raya collection]

    Choose your preferred fabrics and sizes to create personalized clothing from our diverse collection
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  • Bags and Pouches

    Complement your look with our chic and functional batik bags and pouches, adding a touch of cultural elegance to your everyday essentials
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  • Stationery and Accessories

    Elevate your daily routine with the intricate charm of our batik stationery and accessories
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  • Home and Living

    Introduce colorful batik flair to bring warmth and heritage into your home and kitchen
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